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Student Introductions

2013.04.15 11:31

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Hi, My name is Won Yu-Jeong

I'm from korea and I'm 17 years old.

My school is Yeogang High School.

My hobbies are playing sports and stretching

because sports and stretching are good for my health.

I have six family members.my mom, dad, brother, grandma, grandpa, and me.

I want to be a banker. because it has been my dream since elementary school

My personality is very outgoing and animated. 

My favorite subjects are music and English. 

My favorite foods are pizza and spaghetti.

My best friend are Dasom. Jihyeon,Jaeeun,mihee

My birthday is November 3rd. 

Thank you for reading! 

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Park Junhee.

I was born in Yeoju, and I have lived in Yeoju my whole life,

So, I'm an original Yeoju person.

I'm seventeen years old and in the second high school grade.

I want to be a diplomat and can speak five languages, Korean,English,French,Italian and Spanish.

I love Europe, and would like to travel there someday. 

My hobbies are driving with my family, going on picnics, and taking trips.

My family consists of my father,mother,younger sister and me.

I am the oldest daughter, so I have many responsibilities in my family.

My favorite foods are pasta, pizza, hamburger, chicken, ramen, salad, soup, etc....

Though these foods are mostly instant foods, they are very delicious.

I have blood type B like my father. 

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