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Exchange Student Journal

2013.04.15 11:33

yeogang Views:34882

1) Today the morning weather was not very nice but at lunch time it was nice. But now it is cloudy. I didn't speak to my father yesterday but I will call my mother today. Also today at lunch time I read a Korean book. I talked with Brandon Teacher and he asked me "how is the school?" I said "that is is very nice but it is very different to UK schools."

I am studying Korean at the moment and I am very happy.

2) This weekend I did quite a lot. On Saturday I studied in the morning, and at 12pm I had ramyeon for lunch. Then at 2pm I went to Yeoju with my friend and had a lot of fun! We went to a PC Room and there were many people there. They were all playing computer games. Then we stopped at a cafe for a snack. I had a sandwich, which was very tasty. After we went for a walk along the river side and it was really nice. Then, I came back to the dormitory at 4pm. On  Sunday, I did my laundry in the morning and went to the library to study for the rest of the afternoon. In the evening I talked to my whole family as my grandmother had just come back from India.

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